Collection: Grizzly Foods

It is 2011 somewhere in the Yukon Territory in far northwest Canada where the Grizzly Foods story begins. Between majestic mountains, pristine forests and glittering lakes, the idea is born for a brand that a little later will become Grizzly Foods andPremium Beef JerkyBrings to Germany. A brand that creates foods, snacks and snacks that are not only delicious, but also natural and functional.

From Provisions to Business Idea: The Grizzly Foods Story

Grizzly Foods was founded at the end of 2013 by Phillip Klein, who came up with the idea for his products on an exciting trip to North America. In his Gap Year, he hitchhiked around Canada, traversed the country from east to west and even made a generous detour via Newfoundland. But that's not all-when he arrived in Vancouver, he was drawn north to the Arctic Ocean of Alaska, where the grizzly story took on mental forms.

On these adventures he always had dried fruits, nuts and beef jerky with him as provisions. Jerky the jerky didn't get to know Phillip until he was in Canada, and it quickly became the practical, durable and hearty snack of his choice-and the basic equipment of his trip.

But Phillip only came up with the idea of making such snacks available to others later. Back in Germany, he began to develop various recipes and test his products. He attached great importance to quality and naturalness, because he knew from his own experience how important healthy eating is when traveling. This is how the concept for Grizzly Foods came about, which today stands for high-quality, delicious and clean foods and snacks.

From recipe to production: How Grizzly Foods Premium Beef Jerky was created

After returning to Germany, Phillip was still delighted with the hearty and protein-rich beef jerky he met on his North American trip. In Canada, beef jerky was ubiquitous and available everywhere, while in Germany at the time it was little known. But that was about to change-and so the Grizzly Foods story took its course.

Phillip began to develop recipes that should meet his high standards. He wanted to make sure that he always had delicious and high-quality beef jerky in Germany. To do this, he looked for butchers who were willing to produce according to his recipes. And he found what he was looking for-the first production facility of Grizzly Foods Premium Beef Jerky was built in his home in the deep Odenwald.

From then on, Europe's best jerky was produced in a small butcher's shop-German beef, natural ingredients, without sugar or artificial additives and with great attention to detail. Grizzly Snacks products were a success from the start and quickly found their fans in Germany. But Phillip and his team had even bigger plans-they not only wanted to make beef jerky, but also to produce other healthy and natural snacks and foods. So began the story of Grizzly Foods, which still stands for quality, naturalness and taste today.