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Claire Koenig & Andrea Siemoneit

The Handbook of the Carnivore Diet (German)

The Handbook of the Carnivore Diet (German)

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The Handbook of the Carnivore Diet (German) 2. edition

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The Handbook of the Carnivore Diet (German)

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You have been eating healthy, ketogenic or even vegan for years, but are you no better?

This book clears up nutritional errors-nothing will be the way it was!

Recognize yourself here:

  • Problems with losing weight?
  • Inflammatory diseases?
  • Joint pain?
  • Mental disfunctions?
  • Digestive discomfort?

The Carnivorian Diet Handbook provides you with all the important information you need to switch to a sustainable meat-based diet.

Here you can download the table of contents

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