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My Experience with the Carnigore Diet as a CED Patient

If you google the terms “carnivore” and “diet”, you will find 4 articles among the top 10 results that only deal with the question of how dangerous such a diet is. The authors don't seem to care that the carnivore diet helps people with autoimmune diseases worldwide to lead a normal life. Especially in English-speaking countries, there are thousands of testimonials from those affected who have managed to get chronic intestinal diseases, neurodermatitis or morbid obesity under control by omitting all other foods.

People like me who have been suffering from ulcerative colitis for 16 years and have searched in vain for alternative forms of therapy. Even today, those affected are made to believe by doctors that diet has almost no influence on autoimmune diseases, especially inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). After my diagnosis, the doctor treating me assured me that my illness could neither be cured nor influenced by diet. A false statement that I, as a naïve 20-year-old, unfortunately questioned far too late.

Symptom-free and Carnivore in the same sentence?

In my opinion, the prevailing dogma on CED is not only wrong, but negligent. CED diagnoses based on non-specific symptoms such as diarrhea lay the foundation for a lifelong drug addiction, the suppression of the immune system and a hodgepodge of undesirable side effects. They often lead to depression and convey a feeling of helplessness. While a world often collapses for those affected, pharmaceutical companies rub their hands. Because the really effective long-term treatments for ulcerative colitis and Co. are in the 4 or 5-digit euro range (TNF Alpha Blocker such as Humira or Remicade). Medication I 've taken over years because I 've been assured diet doesn't matter.

When I was 5 years ago from thecarnivore dietI experienced, I changed my diet almost overnight, stopped all medication against the advice of my attending physician and have been symptom-free ever since. My blood values are inconspicuous, inflammatory markers such as CRP (c-reactive protein) and calprotectin are in the ideal range. You might think I'm an isolated incident, but far from it. Thousands of people have with the help of thecarnivore dietGet their illness under control.

Successful competitive athlete with carnivores, low-carb nutrition

By the way, eating almost exclusively on meat does not mean that you eat one-sided or unhealthy food or that you are less productive in everyday life.

I have been a competitive athlete since 2018 and was able to record my greatest sporting successes through a predominantly carnigore diet.

Who knows what you'll be able to do if you eat carnigore (and get your autoimmune disease under control).

Sporting successes

Steeplechase/OCR (2018 - 2020)

1. Place Spartacour Ulm 2018

1. Place Spartan Sprint Taiwan 2018

3. Place Spartan Super Taiwan 2018

3. Place Spartan Southeast Asia Series 2018

2. Place Spartan Beast Thailand 2018

3. Place Spartan East Asia Series 2019

1. Spartan Super Taiwan place 2020

HYROX-World's Largest Indoor Fitness Competition (since 2021)

2. Place HYROX Leipzig 2021 Men PRO

2. Place HYROX Amsterdam 2021 Men PRO

1. Place HYROX Karlsruhe 2022 Men Doubles

1. Place HYROX Vienna 2022 Men PRO 30-34

1. Place HYROX Frankfurt 2022 Men PRO 35-39

1. Place HYROX London 2022 Men Doubles

1. Place HYROX Hong Kong 2023 Men Doubles

2. Place HYROX Singapore 2023 Men PRO overalls

Functional Fitness Competitions (since 2022)

1. Place and UAE record Deka Strong Dubai 2022

2. Place Redline Fitness Games Kuala Lumpur 2023

The carnivore diet deserves an image campaign!

It is not perfect and may not always be ideal for people who have no health problems. And yes, it may be that meat eating is out and factory farming is harmful to the environment. But the Carnigore Diet allows thousands of people with autoimmune diseases to live a normal, drug-free life! It enables me to do competitive sport again or to take part in social life carefree. Things that, unfortunately, cannot be taken for granted with ulcerative colitis.

On this portal you will learn everything you need to know about this diet (and should forget about your illness). In addition to resources related to the Carnipore diet, you will find selected supplements that can help you complete a Carnevore diet. ​

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Interview: Carnigore in inflammatory bowel disease