Collection: Rosita

The purity of the ocean right on your spoon

Nutritious liver liver from tomboy, freshly delivered from the sea

At Rosita Real Foods, we source wild cod and sea bass from sustainable trout from the remote coast of northern Norway to provide the purest fish liver oil in the world. Our mission in life is to support the healing and health of families around the world with the rich and unique nutrients in our fresh, raw fish liver oils. We are committed to contributing to a healthier future for people and the planet by working as close to nature as possible. That means our oils are caught wild and made using an old, natural method that doesn't require harmful heat or machinery. This ensures that they have an exceptionally rich nutrient profile and that the delicate fatty acids and naturally occurring vitamins remain robust and intact. So you get the most raw nutrients possible, as pure and authentic as we did for our Norse ancestors hundreds of years ago.